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Military Law Attorney in Boise, Idaho

If you are Active Duty, the Area Defense Counsel (ADC) on your installation is likely a capable and competent attorney. Whether or not you choose to exercise your right to hire a civilian attorney at your own expense to represent you in a military criminal or administrative matter is your decision. If you choose to exercise that discretion, you should assure civilian counsel will help and not hinder your case. Others may be familiar with the performance of the civilian you are seeking to hire and you should feel free to ask about that performance.

Facing Civilian Trial?

While there are a number of things the ADC and JAG offices can do to assist a military member... at this time, at least for Air Force members, neither the ADC nor the JAG represent military members in off base civil or criminal cases. Whether you need particular language in a divorce decree to divide military retirement that is acceptable to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) or you are undergoing a civilian action that may result in an adverse administrative military action; the attorney West Legal Offices, P.C. can account for these types of considerations when navigating your case in the civilian realm.